Editing wedding videos

…to free up your time and speed up your work!

Time needs to serve you to the best of its ability. That’s why outsourcing is a huge step forward if you are looking to grow your company. It’s possible when there’s an editor you trust and who matches your current style.

The numerous hours spending on post production is a precious time that could be spent behind a camera, finding new clients, developing the business or refining the craft. It’s also for those who simply love shooting over editing.

why choose us

Hi, it's me! My name is Kinga Tinschert. I have graduated Media Arts at University of Plymouth (UK) and Krzysztof Kieślowski Faculty of Radio and Television University of Silesia in Katowice (Poland). I'm creating trailers and video reports of cultural events for five studio cinemas in Silesia region in Poland. Since my Big Day I've started to edit wedding videos.

Not that long! Some companies make the newlyweds wait half a year for their wedding film! That's far too much... I work only with a few selected companies so the editing takes less than 2 weeks. As a result you'll get a first cut which is a ready wedding film with titles, music and color correction.

I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects if needed.

I present my video editing of a wedding film above. At VideoRec you can see my portfolio with other works.

Just like a chameleon I try to keep your company editing style. But if there's some revision need to be done, I offer 3 changes out of charge. My mission is to make every client happy about the final result.

Good quality video takes a lot of space. The best way to send it is via my Google Drive folder that allows uploading big files.

The price depends on factors like length of the footage, number of cameras, effects and number of final films (full length and/or highlights). After discussing the details we set the price. Preferable payment method is PayPal.

I create a private link on Google Drive/Vimeo/YouTube to send you the first cut. After acceptance or any revisions the final cut is sent via Google Drive.

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                   Kinga Tinschert